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Cotton 40wt Thread 700yd
From Signature
Signature 40wt Cotton Thread is a 3 ply 100% cotton thread.
With excellent sewability at high-speeds, Signature 40wt Cotton Thread performs well on both long arm and home quilting machines.
Ideal for providing dimension, texture and visual interest.
Available on a 700 yd mini-king snap spool.
Recommended Needle size: 75/11, 80/12, 90/14.
Signature 40 Cotton:
Decorative stitches, free motion quilting and for use in the bobbin on both long arm and home quilting machines.
This all-natural cotton thread program meets the demands of multi-directional designs, even at high speeds as well as the specialty stitches built into the home sewing machine.
It’s perfect for today's free motion technique as well as traditional patchwork design.
An array of vibrant, rich colors coordinate beautifully with the latest cotton fabrics.