Brave New Quilts

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Learn about 20th-century art while creating your own modern design quilt! Well-known author and blogger of, Kathreen Ricketson, presents 12 quilts inspired by 20th-century art movements - From Art Nouveau and Bauhaus to pop and punk. Every art-inspired quilt concept is divided into 4 chapters: Use of Line, Use of Color, Use of Motif, and Use of Text. Each chapters contains 3 projects and is generously outlined with illustrations and 2 alternate design options. Includes expert information on color, fabric selection, inspiration, and mood boards If you’re a modern design enthusiast and love to sew, Brave New Quilts is perfectly suited to you. Inside, you’ll find 12 projects derived from 20th-century art movements. To set the context, each project begins with an engaging overview of its historical period. Ricketson then expertly guides you through the process of creating and personalizing your own innovative quilt using 4 aesthetic elements: line, color, motif, and text. A comprehensive appendix and in-depth information on tools and finishing techniques round out this inspiring book.