Captain's Wheel and Anchor Laser Cut Applique Kit

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Take the party outside, with our easy to make party flags. A fun game Capture the Flag can really get things moving. Whether you have a team of two or ten, the goal remains the same. Each team will position their flag on opposite sides of the playing field. The goal is to get the opponent’s flag without being tagged by the other team. Start at your flag. Once the game begins, weave past opponents to the flag. If tagged, you must start back at your flag and attempt to cross into enemy territory. If you have the flag when tagged, return the flag and start over. You can make the game more challenging by hiding the flags or adding physical barriers. Mix it up and make the game your own! Remember, you make the rules and can make it fun for all ages. Kit includes: 1 Anchor Flag: Pre-fused Laser Cut applique and Background Fabric 1 Captain’s Wheel Flag: Pre-fused Laser Cut applique, Background Fabric Game Instructions Party Decor Ideas Flag Size: 14" x 20" (each)