Go Big, Go Bold - Large-scale Modern Quilts

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A quilt in one weekend! Indulge in your favorite hobby when you piece graphic, bold blocks. Well-known blogger Barbara Cain invites you make simple patchwork scaled to dynamic proportions, so pattern pieces are quicker to cut and easier to sew. Each of the 10 beginner-friendly, big-block quilt designs features 2 sizes and 6 colorways for 120 striking possibilities! Use elements from the quilt top to make a coordinating pieced quilt back. Maximize your time when you make and gift these modern quilts, which can be assembled in a weekend. 10 graphic, large-scale quilt patterns that are quick to sew, even for beginners. Staggering variety! Customize each quilt with 2 sizes and 6 colorways per project, for 120 possibilities. Creative pieced quilt backs carry over design elements from each quilt top.